Delivery Options


KidsHealth offers 3 delivery options:


HTML - The most turnkey option. Your KidsHealth content is hosted on our servers and wrapped to match the look and feel of your website. We provide you with URLs to your KidsHealth content to be added to your website, intranet, etc.



XML – With this option, KidsHealth provides all of the content for you to download to your servers. You can then fully customize the look and feel of the content to match your website.


WebService – With this option you will be able to call for the KidsHealth content in “real time” and display it on your website. This is a “hybrid” of the HTML and XML options. You are able to customize the look and feel of the content, but the content itself lives on the KidsHealth servers.


For more information about which delivery option is best for your organization, please contact your account manager.

What's New

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