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GetWellNetwork (GWN):

The KidsHealth Video Library of 200+ condition-specific video programs for parents, kids, and teens is available for in-patient education exclusively through the GetWellNetwork interactive patient care solution. The GWN allows patients to access, and clinicians to “prescribe,” a video-based educational pathway utilizing the KidsHealth Video Library.

Featuring real families sharing their actual experiences, these programs are highly engaging and utilize contemporary production techniques. Tightly themed, each program runs approximately 5 minutes. All programs are available in English and Spanish. An on-screen quiz at the end of each program tests and records comprehension. Additionally, each program’s key messages are reinforced in companion educational one-sheets that can be customized and printed. Optional access to the videos online by families at home is available.

The KidsHealth Video Library includes series on the following topics:

  • Asthma
  • RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus infections)
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Clinical Trials
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Home care for common procedures including:
    • Central Venous Catheter
    • PICC Line
    • Tracheotomy
    • Nasogastric Tube
    • Gastrostomy Tube
  • Coming in 2012:
    • NICU
    • Orthopedics

The KidsHealth Video Library is accessible at the patient bedside exclusively through the GetWellNetwork PatientLife System®. The GetWellNetwork system enables hospitals to transform patient care by turning in-room monitors into an interactive experience. Together, the GetWellNetwork and KidsHealth enable providers to:

  • deliver age-appropriate, patient-specific videos when and where families are most receptive to learning
  • test and document comprehension of mandated learning
  • meet industry standards for education, safety, and documentation
  • monitor patient satisfaction in real time enabling the opportunity for service recovery
  • increase staff satisfaction by freeing nurses from repetitive teaching and non-clinical tasks

For more information about KidsHealth Video Library or KidsHealth’s GetWellNetwork partnership, please contact Jeffrey Santoro at (302) 651-4106 or

Click here to learn more about the GetWellNetwork.

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