EHR/PHR Integration:

Sample EHR/PHR contentKidsHealth content is medically encoded to optimize how it can be integrated into both clinician- and patient-accessed electronic medical records. Depending on the electronic medical record vendor, KidsHealth content can be integrated when and where it’s most useful, such as printer-friendly versions accessed by clinicians at the point of care, automatic links to content on diagnoses and lab and medical tests within patient-accessible records. Optional content about over-the-counter and prescription drug information is also available.

KidsHealth content is coded for the following medical coding systems:


Provide a cohesive educational experience for families. To learn more about integrating your licensed KidsHealth content into your EHR/PHR, contact Jeffrey Santoro at (302) 651-4106 or

What's New

Discharge Instructions

Created exclusively for pediatrics, KidsHealth discharge instructions are appropriate for inpatient, outpatient, emergency department and primary care use. Click here to learn more!

What's New? English/Spanish Flyers

New - Spanish and English flyers to engage patients and families! Simply download and customize these free flyers today! Click here to learn more!


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